Our contribution to sustainability
It has never been more important for companies to be aware of their ecological responsibility than it is today.
Sustainability is based on three pillars: 
1. environmental sustainability
2. economic sustainability
3. social sustainability
At Matakuna, we aim to live up to all of these goals. That's why we not only keep a constant eye on the sustainability of the raw materials for our articles, but also want to get involved with our planet.
Economic activity must not be an end in itself!
We plan to partner with Eden Projects to plant a tree for every product sold. Your purchase will have a positive impact on the world that may last for centuries.
We have already planted 169 trees and funded three days of hard work at Eden Projects!
When choosing our producers, we make sure that only organic cotton and recycled raw materials are used. Our producers have various production sites in Europe, the USA and Canada.
Your order always comes from the production facility closest to you in order to minimize transport routes.
However, we also attach great importance to transparency. For each item you can see from which country the raw product was obtained. It is a matter close to our hearts to continuously improve and strive for long-term cooperation that enables complete production in European countries or improves working conditions in emerging countries. If a product is not made from organic cotton or recycled materials, we will point this out to you in the product description.
We have also decided to donate 5% of our annual profits to a good cause from 2023. For this purpose, we will provide you with a selection of organizations on our Instagram account at the end of the year. We want our community to have a say in which organization we donate to.

"Hakuna Matata" - Everything in perfect order.
Let's work together to achieve this for all people and our environment.
With your purchase from Matakuna, you make your contribution to get a little closer to this goal.
If you have any questions about our concept and how we want to achieve our goals, we are always at your disposal at or on our Instagram channel!
 For up-to-date information on our sustainability efforts, please visit our blog regularly.