Was ist die Fair Wear Foundation?

What is the Fair Wear Foundation?

Fashion industry - there is still something going on! 

The production of clothing in emerging countries is rightly viewed very critically.
However, we at Matakuna believe that the economic benefits can help these countries become more prosperous.

It is important that the employees in the factories are not exploited and that the working conditions enable work that is safe for health and the environment. 🌍🧘‍♂️

The Fair Wear Foundation was founded in 1999 to promote these same standards in various countries in Africa, Southeast Asia and Southeast Europe.


What is it exactly? 

The Fair Wear Foundation is an association of different stakeholders. These include business associations, non-governmental organizations, and trade unions.

The goal is to advance the implementation of fair working conditions for employees in the production facilities. Among other things, this involves reasonable wages, no forced or child labor and a limitation of working hours. 

Annual performance checks are carried out to ensure that these standards are adhered to and continuously improved.
The entire production chain, from the manufacturer to the end customer, is considered. 📋✔


Criteria of the Fair Wear Foundation

  • Free choice of job, no forced labour.
  • No discrimination against workers.
  • No Child labor. Employees must be at least compulsory school age and in no case be younger than 15.
  • The ability to form and join unions and conduct collective bargaining.
  • Payment of a living wage. The employees should be able to make a living from their work, the payment must not be below the statutory minimum wage.
  • Reasonable working hours. Maximum 48 hours work week and one day off per week.
  • Safe working conditions that do not endanger health. Physical or sexual violence in any form is strictly prohibited.
  • Legally binding employment contracts in which all important points of the employment relationship are regulated.


Doesn't sound bad, does it? 😊

At Matakuna we are proud to work towards improving working conditions in large parts of the world with our products.

For more Hakuna Matata for everyone! 💚💚💚


you have questions Feel free to send us an email to info@matakuna.com or contact us via our chat or via Instagram.


Peace! 😊✌





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